Holistic 24 Karat Gold Facial

Much as this very precious metal is used as a conductor in electronics, gold exerts an influence on electrons present in the cells. It rapidly warms the skin to provide a comforting sensation while helping increase oxygenation, balancing the acidity of the body tissue fluids and freeing the skin of impurities. The heat energy also helps release negative ions and rid skin cells of free radicals. The result: Wrinkles are diminished, blemishes banished, age spots fade away. The skin becomes genuinely luminous, and women report a feeling of complete inner and outer radiance.

Consummate Results
Tests were conducted on women between the ages of 22 and 61, including those with normal or sensitive skin, or who were prone to allergic reactions or eczema. All skin types saw an improvement in appearance from this uniquely regenerating and soothing luxury facial treatment.

Enaam Takla has mined both tradition and modern science to develop this Holistic 24 Karat Gold Facial, delving deeply to uncover ancient beauty secrets and incorporate them.

And these results last approximately 3 weeks. A single treatment is ideal any time for an added glow, especially desirable before a big event, or for some opulent pampering. But for optimal results, a series of six monthly treatments is recommended.

Nature’s bounty provides a cosmetic treasure trove, everything necessary to let a woman’s true beauty shine through. With this philosophy in mind Enaam Takla, co-owner of the Dr.Hauschka Spa in Montreal, has developed the Holistic 24 Karat Gold Facial using purest cosmetic-grade gold leaf for a highly luxurious facial experience.

“This 24 Karat Gold Holistic Facial envelops the face in sensual warmth and shimmering beauty using only the very finest natural ingredients that allow the skin to nourish and regenerate itself,” says Enaam.

Skin imperfections diminish with each rejuvenating Holistic 24 Karat Gold Facial treatment. Over time the tiny particles of gold appear to envelop the top layer of skin, creating a wonderfully subtle and radiant sheen. Residual reflective particles cause light to dance across the skin, minimizing blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines.

Pure Gold for the Complexion
For more than 5,000 years, glamorous women have proudly adorned themselves with pure gold. And some knew it to be the gilt key to a youthful complexion. Cleopatra is said to have slept in a gold mask every night and traditional Chinese medicine also regards this precious metal as a preserver of youthful beauty. In ancient Rome balms containing gold were used to heal skin problems.

For the Holistic 24 Karat Gold Facial, we uses certified cosmetic-grade gold leaf, infinitely precious and delicate, a mere one-tenth of one micron thick. It is pressure mounted to a pliable cosmetic film to insure every contour of the face is covered. The gold leaf has passed stringent testing for safety and allergic reaction by one of Europe’s leading and most exacting research facilities, SGS Institute Fresenius based in Germany.

The 24-karat Gold Facial
During this sumptuous two-hour treatment, lymphatic flow is stimulated to help eliminate toxins and make the skin receptive to the benefits of the gold. The sheets are then applied as a mask to thoroughly cleansed skin. Using light touches, they are then gently pressed into the skin so the effects can penetrate deeply.

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