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Our Story!

At Bio Spa Enaam we have designed each treatment to bring relaxation while activating the processes of regeneration of the skin. We distinguish ourselves not only by the quality and therapeutic virtues of the products used, but also by our holistic and rhythmic approach which really infuses the body with the forces of regeneration and well-being. At Bio Spa Enaam, a treatment is never limited to a facial treatment, it always includes rhythmic and therapeutic massages of targeted parts of the body, specially studied to strengthen the immune system, promote the respiration and regeneration of skin cells. A care is only concluded when the body is deeply relaxed, irrigated and balanced.

Beautician graduate since 1981, massage therapist and naturotherapist, Enaam Takla is a member of the Commission of Practitioners in Alternative Medicines of Quebec. She has also studied gerontology at the University of Montreal and developed her skills and experience in Europe and Canada. She continues to improve constantly in the field of physical, psychic and emotional health. She has also been accredited by Hauschka Laboratories and has been a distributor and trainer for 28 years.
Enaam has also developed a special insight into self-expression through physical appearance and energetic presence. The special approach of Enaam Takla gives full dimension to the holistic care of the body.

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Grâce à la qualité biologique et à la pureté absolue des produits utilisés, Bio Spa Enaam vous offre la quintessence dans le domaine des soins de la peau. Tous les produits proposés au Bio Spa Enaam portent en eux une myriade de bienfaits directement issus des propriétés des plantes. Par ailleurs nous sélectionnons nos cosmétiques avec beaucoup de soin. Non seulement ils sont testés en laboratoire et certifiés par les organismes les plus reconnus au niveau international comme BDIH- DEMETER- ECOCONTROL-BIODAMYQUE-ECOCERT-NATRUE-IHTK (protection des animaux) ISO 9001 – VEGAN – pour n’en citer que quelques-uns, mais ils sont également testés par Enaam Takla et son équipe. Dans chaque marque Enaam Takla sélectionne ce qu’il y a de meilleur et de plus efficace. Elle ne se laisse jamais pousser à acheter par un fournisseur ou fabricant de produit aussi renommé soit-il. Au Bio Spa Enaam on prend vraiment le temps de tester l’efficacité du produit pour vous et quand il vous est proposé, c’est que réellement toute l’équipe l’a testé, approuvé, et a vérifié son efficacité garantie à 100% pour le résultat recherché.

Amanda C.

"They use high quality products so no need to worry if you have sensitive skin. The staff has always been incredibly helpful to me as well.”

Alessia C.

"If you have never had a facial there, you do no know what you are missing! It's a taste of paradise. Enaam is amazing, very pleasant, and very knowledgable.”

Tracy H.

"Nice products. I felt very pampered. Since they added the massage, they gave me a receipt, so i could claim a lot of the expense on my insurance. Very nice!”

Customer Review

Today at Bio Spa Enaam, bio-beauticians trained by Enaam’s technique assist her in this rewarding task of putting you back in touch with your inner beauty and participating in your overall well-being.